K. Wilson

K. Wilson World of Spiders.


Wilson The happiness of selfrealization of people carries in itself, but because of the world blindness does not find time to spend time for the most important in the life UNDERSTANDING of MISSION of THIS LIFE.

Is afraid to lose for nothing some years and to drop out of running behind harcha, career and popularity.

And most often is afraid of nothing, does not think of anything, and in herd the Gregarious instinct to us stupidly walks, obviously, too got from an animal branch of our praprapredok.

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And what

And what And what turns out?

They can be MISTAKEN so cruelly?

Without batting an eyelid, to make the wrong diagnoses and to offer surgical intervention in which there is no need?


And, if to finish thinking about this logical chain up to the end, leaves, they and treatment register the incorrect?


Generally, do not treat cripple!

It is simply awful!

It on the present is TERRIBLE!

The case helped to find the new doctor Vick.

In a corridor before an office of this bestknown doctor she got acquainted with his colleague, very lovely woman.

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Working Working on intonational expressiveness of the speech, the logopedist teaches children to express internal states of heroes and the relation to the events represented in series pictures by means of a voice, brings children to understanding of that it is necessary to be sensitive and attentive to animals and birds.

During purposeful training children gradually seize necessary speech skills on the basis of which drawing up the developed, correctly made stories on perception is possible.

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Perhaps, they

Perhaps, they If the look of your child differs from these stereotypes, he has to know that this normal phenomenon.

There is also a mass of problem things for teenagers, and they not against to talk to you about them.

Perhaps, they think that started having sex too early and now want to stop simply.

Perhaps, they worry that cannot satisfy the partner, or are not absolutely sure of positivity of the reasons for which they have sex.

If you are able to talk to the children about their feelings, without accenting that they are wrong or badly arrive, then they with big desire will come to you with the problems and questions.

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Hopes that

Hopes that And before this gynecologist was sincere, so Vick it was pleasant that she, without deliberating, went over to her.

Also it was quietly observed at it up to the childbirth.

Wicky had no physiological problems, but psychological have an effect again.

Hopes that with pregnancy of the relation with Lesha will improve, did not come true.

Vika thought that her interesting situation nevertheless will force the husband uchastlivy to treat her, more often to stay at home, but alas more!

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